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The Shore Thing Episode 12: Cook County Newspaper Editor Brian Larsen

Apr 02, 2024 09:06AM ● By Content Editor

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The Shore Thing Podcast Episode 12 with Steve Fernlund and Joe Friedrichs - released April 1, 2024

Editor's note: Boreal Community Media is excited to act as a local partner for sharing The Shore Thing Podcast to help bring even more local news to the Cook County community. The views and opinions shared in the podcast episodes do not necessarily reflect those held by Boreal Community Media. Any questions or feedback should be directed to The Shore Thing at [email protected]

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From Steve & Joe: Brian Larsen is one busy individual. In addition to writing most of the local newspaper, he also sells most of the ads and delivers the Cook County News-Herald to local businesses and to the post office.

He's been involved in local journalism in Cook County dating back to the 1970s. Brian is from Cook County and continues to live in Grand Marais.

In this episode of the podcast, Steve and Joe talk with Brian about changes in covering local news, why so many people are quick to read the letters to the editor in the local paper, and what to expect for local news in an election year.

Listen to the full episode below, or by clicking here.

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