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The Shore Thing Podcast - Cook County News with Joe Friedrichs and Steve Fernlund

The Shore Thing Podcast is a platform for analyzing important topics that impact residents of Cook County, created and hosted by Joe Friedrichs and Steve Fernlund. It’s a space where objectivity collides with opinion, subjective analysis, and fact-checking. In short, the podcast is where local discussion moves from the coffee shop, pub, or social media, and into the newsroom. 

The Shore Thing Podcast episodes will be shared publicly on a recurring basis, though not a strict schedule. 

Boreal Community Media is excited to act as a local partner for sharing The Shore Thing Podcast to help bring even more local news to the Cook County community. The views and opinions shared in the podcast episodes do not necessarily reflect those held by Boreal Community Media. Any questions or feedback should be directed to The Shore Thing at [email protected]

To learn more about the podcast, click here.

To listen to the podcast on Spotify, click here. 

Find all of the episodes of The Shore Thing below. 

January 2024

Episode One: Cook County Commissioner Dave Mills

Episode Two: Steve And Joe Discuss The Situation At North Shore Health

Episode Three: Cook County Commissioner Deb White

Episode Four: Cook County EDA And HRA Director Talk Housing And Local News

Episode Five: Sam Usem On Local Healthcare and Running For Hospital Board

February 2024

Episode Six: Anna Hamilton Talks Cook County Topics

Episode Seven: Judge Steve Hanke About Busy Week At Cook County Courthouse And The Politics Of Law

Episode 12: Cook County Newspaper Editor Brian Larsen

June 2024

Episode 13: Arvis Thompson On Election Snafu

July 2024

Episode 14: Update On Lutsen Resort Fire Update With State Fire Marshal

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