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SNF Spice Lake Wildfire - BWCAW Quota Release Update - June 22

Jun 22, 2023 01:22PM ● By Editor
Image:  US Forest Service



Joy VanDrie, Public Affairs Staff Officer

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Click here for the BWCAW web page on our site: BWCAW forest page

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BWCAW Quota Release Planned for Friday, June 23, 2023

Duluth, MN. June 22, 2023. The Superior National Forest emergency closure for the Spice Lake Wildfire last week forced the withdrawal of unsold Overnight Paddle quota through July 7. The withheld quota will be released to the inventory on Friday, June 23, 2023, as follows:

  • Moose Lake (OP) @ 5:30 AM CST
  • Seagull Lake (OP) @ 5:40 AM CST
  • Saganaga Lake (OP) @ 5:50 AM CST
  • Snowbank Lake (OP) @ 6:00 AM CST

Quota for the Kekekabic Trail (west)/ Snowbank (OH) and Kekekabic Trail (east) (OH) have been returned to the inventory on

Camp fire restrictions are still in effect across the Superior National Forest (Forest Order 09-09-23-02) please verify any restrictions or alerts prior to departing for your trip.

Tips for making a successful permit reservation:

  • Make reservations online to avoid delays at BWCAW page.
  • BWCAW reservations cannot be made in the mobile app, use the latest version of Chrome for best results. 
  • Log in to your account before the release start time and refresh your screen to ensure you are seeing the latest updates on the website. 
  • Plan ahead by having at least three travel options (dates and entry points) in mind. 
  • Prior to making reservations, review all information in the “Need to Know” and “Fees & Cancellations” sections of the BWCAW permit on

Reminders about BWCAW rules and best practices:

  • One permit per day, per permit holder: To ensure everyone has the opportunity to make a reservation, when a visitor makes multiple reservations on the same entry date or has overlapping reservations, all but one permit will automatically be cancelled by the Forest Service. Cancelled permits will be returned to the inventory and permit holders will not be notified prior to cancellation.  
  • Adding Alternates: Alternates cannot be added once a reservation has been made. Check the box under a group member’s name to select them as an alternate who can pick up the permit if the permit holder cannot go.
  •  Issue Stations: Select an issue station near your entry point prior to making a reservation, check the “Issue Stations” tab on this page for hours and locations. The BWCA Wilderness is over one million acres in size and reserved permits must be picked up at the issue station specified. Once a permit is placed with a cooperator, the issue station cannot be changed. 
  • Non-profits: For information about reserving BWCAW permits for a non-profit organization, click here. 

Successful trips do not just happen. They are the result of careful planning:

All permit holders are required to watch three Leave No Trace education videos and review the BWCAW Regulations and Rules prior to receiving their permit: 

  • Watch parts 1 & 2 of the BWCAW Leave No Trace video series prior to departing for your trip. To receive credit for watching the videos, click the links in the emails sent to the permit holder to access the videos (use Chrome to avoid errors). If you have not viewed parts 1 and 2 of the video series before arriving at your issue station, you will need to watch the complete BWCAW Leave No Trace video series before receiving your permit. 
  • Thoroughly review the BWCAW Trip Planning Guide and always remember to leave a trip itinerary with family or friends prior to departure. 

Recreation Alternatives on the Superior National Forest:

There are 254 backcountry campsites outside the Wilderness that offer remote paddling, camping, and fishing where you can experience solitude without reservations, fees, or permits and still have a latrine and fire grate (campfire ban in effect for Superior National Forest). Visitors must follow the same Leave No Trace principles listed on page 5 of the BWCAW Trip Planning Guide. For a list of canoe routes with backcountry campsites in the Superior National Forest, visit: SNF Canoeing and Routes. For more information on recreation alternatives outside the BWCAW, please visit: SNF Water Activities: Boating - Non-Motorized.

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