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Winter storm Friday evening update: Gale Watch for North Shore, Winter Storm Watch for Cook County

Mar 22, 2024 07:21PM ● By Content Editor
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By Laura Durenberger-Grunow - Boreal Community Media - March 22, 2024

The National Weather Service in Duluth continues to monitor and provide updates for the upcoming winter storm set to arrive Sunday - Tuesday. 

While factors will continue to change, one thing seems certain: we're in for some snow. As for how much, it depends on where you are. Those along the North Shore will likely see more, with the National Weather Service forecasting a 90%+ chance of receiving 6" or more. The further away from Lake Superior, the percentages decrease. As of 4:00 pm this afternoon, there is a 50-60% chance of 12" or more along the shore. 


The confidence in receiving measurable snow is high enough that Cook County is under a Winter Storm Watch. 


In addition to snow, the other factor with this storm is wind. Forecasts have been hinting at the possibility of a blizzard (or at least very high winds) all week. At this point, there is now a Gale Watch along the North Shore. As has also been the case all week, travel is expected to be very difficult on Monday across the region. 


As you might expect from a spring storm, the snow is forecasted to be heavy and wet. Perfect for creating snow people and forts, not so great for continuous shoveling. The other concern with high winds and heavy snow is power outages. 


Possible peak wind gusts: 


So, when is the storm expected to arrive? Most of Cook County can expect to see snow beginning late afternoon to early evening on Sunday. 


 And because there are always factors that can change, the National Weather Service has given the factors that could make or break this storm. 


The next update is expected Saturday morning, with a second Saturday afternoon. Boreal Community Media will continue to provide updates as they come in. 

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