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Dr. Steph Vos brings chiropractic bodywork to Cook County

Feb 15, 2024 12:00PM ● By Content Editor

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By Laura Durenberger-Grunow - Boreal Community Media - February 15, 2024

Cook County welcomes chiropractic bodywork provider: Dr. Steph Vos, who takes a multi-faceted approach to patient well-being. Dr. Vos, whose main message is "bodies are meant to be enjoyed", talked with Boreal Community Media to discuss her philosophy and dedication to serving the community.

"I grew up with a cabin in the area, and as a Hedstrom, have family connections," Dr. Vos shared. "I spent summers living and working here during my college and grad school years. I've been an aspiring local for a long time," she laughed. In May of 2022, she finally was able to fulfill her wish to move up to the area, partially thanks to finding a spot to park her tiny home. 

 Dr. Steph Vos on a sailing trip to Isle Royale

Dr. Vos's path to chiropractic care wasn't conventional. "I started out in my dream career, writing and editing...but I found myself sitting and staring at a computer screen all day, which didn't feel like something I wanted to do forever." From there, she decided to get her chiropractic degree, which she did at Northwestern Health Sciences University - graduating Summa Cum Laude. Vos also has a certificate in chiropractic acupuncture, which is a tool she can use for those interested in addition to chiropractic work to target the musculoskeletal system. 

In true balance of Eastern and Western medicine, Vos is certified as a yoga therapist from Yoga North in Duluth, MN, and at the time of her certification, was one of only 150 people in the world to have that title. Now, she helps write anatomy questions for board exams that graduating yoga therapists have to take. 

 Dr. Steph Vos with her dog Cedar

According to Vos, yoga therapy combines all eight limbs of yoga. She also studied Aryuvada (a type of yoga that originated in India 5,000 years ago, and relies on a natural and holistic approach to physical, mental and emotional health) and uses that to help people access own healing. 

As if that's not enough, Vos was also a patient advocate at a small clinic in South Minneapolis. The tools she learned there are some that she brings forward in her own chiropractic practice.  "I believe in addressing the mind, body, and spirit – the whole person," she said. This philosophy manifests in her treatment plans, which can incorporate tailored combinations of gentle chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, yoga therapy, or even pelvic floor work. And although she has all these different tools in her toolbox, she recognizes that not everyone is comfortable with some of those tools - and that's ok with her. 

 Dr. Steph Vos's new puppy, Juniper

"My main goal is to be one part of a team that people can use for resources for their health. One person amongst lots of people in their corner. I work with my clients towards a treatment plan that they're comfortable with," she added. 

Accessibility and inclusivity are important to Dr. Vos. She accepts FSA/HSA, and people can submit receipts to their insurance company for potential reimbursement. She added that she is also willing to fill out necessary paperwork or forms for doctors or insurance companies. In addition, each person who schedules an appointment during a month gets entered into a drawing for a $50.00 gift card to the Cook County Co-op. She also teaches yoga classes at the Cook County YMCA each week. 

Her physical office is located in North Shore Health Hospital, but she isn't affiliated. "I rent a private room from them which is accessible for people with mobility issues," she said. However, she also offers appointments via telehealth. "I aim to meet people where they're at," she added.

"The more we use our bodies the way they’re designed to use, the less other parts have to compensate, which means less pain. By equipping people with the knowledge and tools to manage their own health, we can create a stronger, healthier community together."

To learn more about Dr. Steph Vos, to see her offers, or to make an appointment, visit her website here. 

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