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Miss the Auroras last night? You may have another chance to see the northern lights in Cook County tonight

Sep 19, 2023 10:10AM ● By Content Editor
Photo: Jon Anders Dalan 

By Laura Durenberger-Grunow - Boreal Community Media - September 19, 2023

Cross your fingers for clear skies the next few nights, because there may be a chance of seeing the northern lights (for those of us in the Cook County and Grand Portage area). 

According to the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute, auroral activity will be high for the next couple of days, with a new moon (Cook County is assigned a KP of 4-5.)


As for timing, a safe bet is to download the "My Aurora Forecast and Alerts" app, available for Apple and Android. It is a free resource that alerts you as to when the Auroras might be visible in your area. 


Happy aurora hunting! 

To learn more about viewing the northern lights in Cook County, check out this link from Visit Cook County. 

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