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Amid Canadian wildfires, experts warn state of emergency could continue into fall

Aug 19, 2023 06:45AM ● By Editor
Image:  CBS News Minnesota

By CBS News Minnesota - August 18, 2023

Thursday and Friday's air quality alerts in Minneapolis are number 16 and 17 - that means more than two weeks this summer the wildfires have been affecting our quality of life. 

Across the state of Minnesota, we're at more than 40 alerts, which is a record. 

Canadian authorities are warning while we could be dealing with this smoke, they could be dealing with more states of emergency until October.

Every province and territory in Canada is affected, but the most immediate threat to people's lives is in the northwest territories, where nearly 30,000 people were urged to leave their homes.

To view the full article, follow this link to CBS News Minnesota.

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