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Not just for commuting: e-mountain bikes are gaining popularity

Jun 23, 2023 09:53AM ● By Content Editor
Photo: Scott and Sara Kylander-Johnson recently joined the e-biking trend (WDIO).

By Sabrina Ullman - WDIO News - June 23, 2023

Mountain e-bikes have a similar style to regular mountain bikes with knobby tires, whereas commuter-style e-bikes don't. Using one on trails takes some getting used to for beginners.

“There’s a learning curve. It’s great going uphill. You can climb a little bit easier going up obviously with the battery, but going down it, it kind of slows you down. It hits about 20 miles an hour and then it shuts off,” explained Scott. “It’s not a motorcycle. You still have to pedal. There’s no throttle. But it’s super easy getting from trail to trail, climbing up a hill, you’re tired, there’s a variety of settings.”

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