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Cook County Historical Society Funding Update

May 25, 2023 08:55AM ● By Editor
May 25, 2023 from the Cook County Historical Society

The Cook County Historical Society is pleased to announce that the recent tax bill signed by Governor Walz earlier this week included $700,000 for the Cook County Historical Society for restoration of the following Historic Cook County sites: the Cook County History Museum; the Johnson Heritage Post Art Gallery; the Bally Blacksmith Shop; the St. Francis Xavier Church, also known as the Chippewa City Church; and 1930s Nee-Gee Fishing Tug and Fish House; and to complete design for and to construct, furnish, and equip a new collections storage facility in Cook County. The overall estimated cost of needed site repairs, restorations, and new construction is significantly higher, and because we didn’t receive the requested funding needed for all projects, CCHS will prioritize our initial investments in the near future.

By investing in these historic sites, we will not only ensure the history of our heritage remains intact but also that future guests and generations can learn the stories and cultural narratives of Cook County. The funding from the state will expedite vital resources and allow us to provide accelerated attention to preserving the sites.

The Historical Society extends its thanks and appreciation to Senator Hauschild and Representative Skraba who both introduced bills that included the priorities of the historical society, as well as to the Cook County Chamber and lobbyist Judy Erickson for their support.



Contact Information:

Marja Erickson, Board Chair
[email protected]

Katie Clark, Director of Operations
Cook County Historical Society
[email protected]

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