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North Shore Living January Update: Wild and Whacky Times at North Shore Living

Jan 06, 2023 10:05AM ● By Content Editor
Photos provided. Main photo: Nadine Abel, Mary Glassnapp, Bryann Bockovich

From North Shore Health - January 6, 2023

This past month at North Shore Living we had some wild and whacky times. Along with all of our usual activities we made lots of cookies, had lots of parties and did a lot of decorating. 

We held a facility wide craft, plant and goodie sale on Friday, Dec 9th raising money we put towards new Christmas trees for next year. Whoever wanted to wrote Christmas cards and we had one hootin’ of a time at our Bean Bidding Auction.

Twice a year I put out a plea to staff for trinkets, new or gently used items and always for candy as it is a big hit. We are so blessed by the generosity of staff and family members for this exciting event. Residents look forward to this activity as it is a way for them to get presents for their family or something new for themselves. Residents use their 50 beans they are given to bid on the items. It is so fun to see the bidding wars on coveted items just like a real auction.

 Ann Williams and Santa

  Santa-Carrie Framstad, Mrs. Claus-Bryann Bockovich and 2 of Bry’s nieces

Santa Claus came to Town

Santa Claus aka Carrie Framsted made it to town despite the blizzard, along with Mrs. Claus and a couple of really cute elves to pass out gifts to each resident and hospital patient. Residents were delighted with their gifts, Christmas music was playing, sweets were being eaten, egg nog was being consumed and once again staff, family, and our community came through so our residents could have a joyous Christmas party. We got a good laugh when Santa was going around saying hi to all the residents. When she got to Gloria and said hi Gloria responded with a “What up?!”

  Cheeto Toss winners-Tom Hedstrom and Mary Glassnapp

 Jane McDonald-Activity volunteer

 Mark Glassnapp-Activity volunteer

New Year’s Eve Afternoon

We had lots of fun and food at our wild and whacky New Year’s Eve party. We played four games. Some worked out and one not so much. Just like with kids and puppies you never know what is going to happen and now we can add you never know what will happen at North Shore Living to that list.  This particular game residents were supposed to use a pool noodle and see how many times they could bounce a balloon with their noodle. Well….pretty soon the noodles were swinging wildly everywhere and then the punch started getting knocked over and it wasn’t even spiked.

One challenge we tried which seemed to be fun was putting a Styrofoam plate on their head and drawing a bunny without looking. I love when they all participate in an event. 

 Residents drawing a bunny on their head

 We did our famous Cheeto Toss game where one person put on a shower cap and I doused it with shaving cream. They sat about five feet apart and their partner was given fifty Cheetos. They were given three minutes to see how many Cheetos they could stick to the shaving cream. Tom Hedstrom and Mary Glassnap were the winners with nineteen Cheetos.

Our next event was seeing how many hoops we could get on the reindeer antlers. Nona Smith and Nadine Abel tied with two rings each. 

There were a lot of laughs and prizes were picked out of a basket in the form of an Easter egg. Remember this was called Wild and Whacky. Inside the Easter egg the residents found a note that said what they had won. 

Once again family, staff and community members came through as I had enough leftover goods from our Bean Auction and Christmas giving that I was able to supply prizes for this wild and whacky event. Tom Hedstrom was the overall winner with nine prizes. Everyone went home with at least two.

Birthdays and Passing’s

Erland Shold, Ruth Lovaas and Gloria Martineau celebrated their birthdays in December.

Our dear sweet Jean Roberts passed away on Saturday, Dec 17. Jean was a sweet quiet soul. She enjoyed music, Bible study, church, going out on the patio, and sweets. Jean love watching people, spending time with staff, friends and her family. Jean is missed by her Care Center family.

Electro-Bicycle Built For Two

Look on our North Shore Health homepage for information on donating to our Electro-Bicycle. We are so excited for this endeavor to take place. Do you remember back to your childhood days and even now in your life when you go biking and feel the exhilaration of the wind in your face and being care free?  Once we get this bike residents will have the chance to have a change of scenery and feel young again. Look for a bulletin around in the community or go to:

 Nona and Patsy Smith

Shout Outs and Thank you

I want to give a shout out to all North Shore Health staff and community members who donated to our Bean Auction, Secret Santa project and to our New Year’s Eve party. We wouldn’t have as much fun as we do without all of you. 

A super thank you to all who volunteer whether it is reading, painting nails, providing treats, assisting with games, playing music or just being a comforting presence here with our residents.

You all mean a lot to us and are really appreciated. 

Until next month go do something wild and whacky. Remember old age ain’t for sissies.

Happiest of New Year’s to all of you from all of us at North Shore Living.