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National Move Over Day raising awareness for roadside worker safety

Oct 16, 2022 07:26AM ● By Editor
Image and article from Northern News Now - October 15, 2022

DULUTH, MN. (Northern News Now) - Law enforcement officials around the country are reminding people to move over when they pass emergency vehicles and workers on the side of roads as part of National Move Over Day Saturday.

Observed in many states, the day is meant to raise awareness about the effort to keep both drivers who’ve pulled over and emergency and law enforcement workers safe.

Minnesota has a special law to help address the problem that requires drivers traveling on roads with two or more lanes in one direction to move over a full lane from stopped vehicles that have their flashing lights activated.

Sgt. Erik Peterson with the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office said in addition to moving over, it’s important drivers slow down when they’re passing people working on the side of busy roads.

“We have had complaints from utility companies and other construction workers recently about the speeds that people go by. So even though they’re moved over, they’re still driving fast and that still presents a danger for folks out there,” Peterson said.

Peterson says the law is applicable when passing ambulance, fire, law enforcement, maintenance, and construction vehicles on the side of the road. Wisconsin has a similar move-over law in place.

For information about the laws in Wisconsin, click here.
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