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September North Shore Health Care Center Newsletter

Sep 01, 2022 09:18AM ● By Laura Durenberger
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From September North Shore Health Care Center Newsletter - September 1, 2022

August 15 was National Relaxation Day.  According to the Perk there are several ways to relax. You can get a plant or ten as they increase oxygen in the air, they reduce your heart rate   and they clean out toxins. Listening to music you enjoy, but specifically classical music slows your heart rate, lowers blood pressure and can decrease stress hormones. Chewing gum can improve your mood, bananas help regulate blood pressure and even 40 grams of dark chocolate can help you unwind. We’re all for that! I personally think licking cake beaters or snuggling a chicken should be included in ways to relax. 

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We had a week long Hawaiian theme happening in August. Tuesday we watched Blue Hawaii featuring Elvis Presley. Wednesday we had a little limbo and hula hoop exercise, Thursday was our big Hawaiian Bingo game.  Pat Backlund was thrilled by winning coverall and receiving a fresh pineapple as her prize. Friday we had Hawaiian Happy Hour with a fancy tropical drink created by our very own Hilja Iverson and played hangman using words people gave me after I put out a Facebook inquiry. 

Diane B, Bill Butz and Donna A celebrated their birthdays in August. 

Sadly, our sweet, quiet and gentle Harold Husby passed away. About a month before his hundredth birthday he was heard saying he had to get on the Nu Step to stay in shape for his party. He was out on the patio in July enjoying a s’more and played Bingo almost to the end. He was one kind man and is missed by all of us.

Thank you’s this month go to Doug Sanders and Tom Novotny for the wonderful music, to Diane Nowers for all the fresh cut flowers,  Penny Ortman for reading, Anne Deneen and Ethel Walsh for caring for our aviary and Sharon Brenner for all your hustling and bustling keeping us active during games and for being an all-around can do woman. Ken Netland, you rock too. Thank you for helping out as needed and for the delicious smoked fish. 

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We would like to thank the WISE ladies for the delicious meals they donated to workers at North Shore Health and a HUGE thank you to the Lion’s Club for your donation of fish burgers for the residents during Fisherman’s Picnic. They all sure enjoyed them.

Thank you to Barb Wright for all the delicious cookies you have been supplying for Coffee Club and to Ben Nikodym for blessing us with weekly Lutheran communion, to Lavona Czaplicki and Kathy Wallace for helping us make colorful fall door decorations and to Bev Wolke, Karen Blackburn, Andrianna Brisson, and Sherri Lindskog for helping those of us who wanted to vote in the primary election.

I’d like to put a big shout out to my Activity staff Kay Rosenthal, Erik Pignolet, Lori Boody and Veronica Heslop for going the extra mile while I haven’t been feeling well and to Marice Zimmer, Hilja Iverson, Angie Works and to North Shore Living staff for your assistance when I haven’t been able to do what I was created to. I appreciate you all so much.

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We’ve spent a lot of time outside, played a lot of games, eaten a bit of ice cream, cake and cookies and drank a bit of coffee. Hopefully we still have a few good days of summer to spend outdoors.

We are still seeking donations for our bike. Thank you to those of you have contributed towards it. Donations can be mailed to North Shore Living 515 5th Ave West. Grand Marais, MN 55604

We are still looking for volunteers to play games, read, visit, bake and play music. Do you have an hour or two of time? Please call me at 218-387-3518 to find out more.

Relax, unwind, buy a plant, play a game, lick a beater, visit with friends and hug a chicken not in that order.. Remember old age ain’t for sissies. Until next time.

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