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Meet your Cook County neighbor: Introducing Patty Wilson

May 28, 2022 04:32AM ● By Editor
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A Boreal Community Media Exclusive - May 28, 2022 

As a 30+ year resident of Cook County, what is your favorite part about life here?
I love the sense of community and everyone is quick to help anyone in need.

What are some of the changes you have seen over the years, good and bad?
The improvement made to highway 61 is huge. Growing up there where some real knuckle hitting areas.  Bad, so many young people move away because of lack of jobs and housing.

You work tirelessly at Blue Water Cafe serving others as you cook all day.  What is your favorite meal and where is the place you enjoy going out to eat when you are not working?
My favorite place to go to eat is hands down Trail Center.  My favorite meal is a mixture of mac n cheese, corn and hamburger mixed together.

Oddest job you have ever had?
I worked at a corn processing plant after I graduated high school in southern Minnesota.

One thing most people would not know about you?
Being local, there isn't much people do not know about me. But I do love love pranking people!

How do you get to relax on your days off?
I relax by going on bike ride, fishing or chilling at home with my cat.

With the upcoming busy season just around the corner, how do you de-stress working in a fast paced environment?
I de-stress by doing volunteer work. Brings me a lot of joy/satisfaction helping others who truly appreciate the help.

Favorite season on the North Shore and why? 
I love, love the fall. The smell, chill in the air.

If you could transform yourself into any animal, what would you want to be and why?
I wish to be an otter. Playful and the way they move is mesmerizing

Best advice anyone has ever given you?
Never ever stop learning. The guy who told me that was 82 and it stuck.

Any words of wisdom or tips for a tourist who has never been to Grand Marais before? 
Be patient, respect the animals. Wilderness area - nature happens.

Lastly, who is the better cook - you or Dan?
I will not comment who the better cook is but we are equal in pranking each other daily! He is a lot more fun than people may think.