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Video: Celebrating expansion at STARBASE Minnesota-Duluth

May 04, 2022 05:47AM ● By Editor

Watch the WDIO-TV Report here

A celebration for the expansion at STARBASE Minnesota-Duluth on Tuesday.. Photo: WDIO-TV

From WDIO-TV • May 3, 2022

Four beautiful new classrooms are helping thousands of 5th graders from around the region learn and explore all things STEM. Tuesday, STARBASE Minnesota-Duluth celebrated their 7,000 square foot expansion at the 148th Fighter Wing. It enables the program to serve even more students.

Leaders from around the region stopped by to highlight the accomplishment. The chamber also held a ribbon cutting. Alumni spoke at the celebration.

Sara Chun, now a 9th grader, said, "It was an eye opening experience. Different from learning. It was about how STEM can be enjoyable, but also sustainable." She remembered experiments from four years ago, and what they taught her.

Ella Hadiaris is now in 7th grade. She told the crowd, "I believe that other students will like STARBASE for its different activities and inspiring teachers. I also enjoyed how there were powerful women there, including my teacher, Nova."

She went on to say, "When I was in 4th grade I was very discouraged in my math class, but now math is one of my favorite subjects. I think STARBASE and my teachers helped with that, and helped me enjoy science and math more."

And Zoe Pierson, a 9th grader, said that she and her twin were born premature, and spent time at Essentia Health-St. Mary's Medical Center NICU. "So many elements that were used in our care, were due to our nation's participation in the space race. So I have technology and space, to thank for being here today."

STARBASE is free for any northern Minnesota school.

To get your school signed up, contact Director Charity Johnson: [email protected]

The program is also looking for industry partners for guest speakers and more.

To see the original post and read related stories, follow this link to the WDIO-TV website.

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