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Raising money for the mother of a Northland family who has a rare heart condition.

Apr 03, 2022 07:48AM ● By Editor

Photo: WDIO-TV

By Kenny Johnson from WDIO-TV • April 2, 2022 

A benefit in Duluth for one local ER nurse hopes to raise money for the Grivna family who has already given so much to their community through their line of work.

You can support the family by visiting their gofundme page here.

Alexa Grivna had her dream job as an Er nurse but unfortunately she was diagnosed with an extremely rare heart condition, Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. 

Her condition causes her heart to beat extremely fast over the slightest exertion, she then could feel lightheaded, dizzy, or faint. 

The condition has made basic day to day actions extremely hard for Alexa. Her husband Nic, who is a police officer in Virginia and a veteran, has now become the sole financial provider of the household. The couple has three kids and three dogs.

Now Nic's motorcycle chapter has come together to raise money for Alexa’s medical costs and their everyday family needs.

Nic says, “The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association has been amazing with this benefit. I mean I can't thank The Combat Veteran's Motorcycle Association enough for what they've done. And it's truly a family away from another family. It's absolutely amazing."

All proceeds from the benefit and the gofundme will go towards providing the Grivna family’s financial stability during these stressful times.

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