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A North Point Minute by Brad Shannon

Mar 17, 2022 05:06AM ● By Editor
Brad and Brooke are the founders of North Point.  Photo: Boreal file

From Brad Shannon - Exclusive to Boreal Community Media • March 17, 2022

A North Point Minute

Have you heard the one about the couple who wrote a book titled, “Ten Commandments for Raising Perfect Children?”  After publishing it, they became parents for the first time and realized their work needed to be updated. They chose a new title for the second edition called, “Ten Ideas for Raising Children.”  After having their second, child they wrote the third edition titled, “Ten Humble Suggestions for Fellow Strugglers.”  After having their third child, they gave up writing altogether.  

Parenting, or anyone who cares for kids, has a way of growing humility in people that maybe thought they had it all figured out.  The truth is, even those of us who approach parenthood with a healthy respect for the journey ahead discover greater humility and hopefully growth.  If you can’t relate to any of this, I suggest you write a book.  I may even be able to suggest a title.  For those who can relate, who don’t have all the answers, but desire nothing more than to foster healthy, whole, kind, loving, smart children, I just want to encourage you.  I want to say thank you and keep at it!  You’re making a difference, not only in the lives of your kids, but in our community!  Thank you for every act of love and devotion for all the sacrifices and hard decisions.  Thank you for guiding your kids the best you know how!  It all makes a difference!

Below is an article from Psychology Today I came across that may be helpful to those who interact with teens.  

7 Things Teenagers Desperately Need Adults to Understand

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