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March News at North Shore Living

Feb 28, 2022 06:39PM ● By Editor
Photos: North Shore Health

From North Shore Health • February 28, 2022

Tastes like Chicken

It sure seems like February was in a hurry flying by in a flurry. Punxsutawney Phil, the ground hog threw his two cents in and predicted we needed 6 more weeks of winter. Thanks Phil. Fun fact; the first ground hog involved in winter weather predictions back in 1887 was eaten. It’s said they taste like chicken. Imagine that.

Beijing Winter Olympics has nothing on us. Yvonne Smith was busy coloring Olympic rings representing the five continents for us to hang during our events. Sharon Brenner was the goal tender for our Wednesday basket tournament. Ath

letes really got fired up tossing their beanies into the basket making serious points. On Friday, February 11th, we held a floor hockey and tabletop hockey tournament. Thank you to Rayce Gibson for the loan of his hockey equipment. Residents shot from five, ten, and fifteen feet lines to score goals which some did with precision. Wayne Gretzky has nothing on talented Tom Hedstrom who scored 27 points for the gold. Nona Smith gave it her best shot scoring 19 points taking home the silver and Anna Speck brought home the bronze scoring 8 points by showing off her mad skills. 

Once a month we used to go to the Senior Center now called the Hub for lunch. Since Covid came into our midst we have been enjoying Hub take out. We dine in our multi-purpose room and enjoy a game while conversing with our housemates. This past month we had some good humor playing the game called Name Something ______. I pick a subject and we take turns thinking of things. One subject was name something “worn out” to which a resident piped in with “your welcome”. Another one was name something “small” to which they said, “a paycheck”. We all had a good laugh over these.


Other fun shenanigans include our monthly birthday party celebrating Doris Blank, and Ethel Walsh and Yvonne Smith. Yvonne’s daughter-in-law Renae made the most delicious vanilla cupcakes with raspberry filling for us to share. We’ve been enjoying fresh baked bread made by our very own Nadine Abel and her daughter Mary Glasnapp. Fresh bread sure makes our home smell great. We had a big party during the Super bowl with lots of delicious snacks. We held a booze and tattoo's party on 2 22 22. Everyone attending sported a tattoo and enjoyed a punch drink complete with an orange slice and maraschino cherry. We started playing new games. One is called Lotto 649. Residents went home with money and had a real exciting time. Bingo coverall winners for this month were Nona Smith, Joyce Hagen, Harold Husby, Anna Speck, Nadine Abel, Yvonne Smith, Linda Johnson and Delores Saethre. They all receive a Bingo coverall winner certificate good for one item at our General Store held the second Saturday of each month. 


Our spotlight resident of the month is our “local” Delores Saethre

I was born in Duluth, MN in 1931.  I was the youngest of five girls. The next closest to me was ten years older so it was like I was an only child.  I grew up in Grand Marais until second grade then dad transferred to Michigan 2nd-7th grade, dad retired and moved back to Grand Marais when I was in seventh grade.

Something hard when I was a child was WWII was going on and dad had to transfer to wherever he was told. Something fun I did as a child was coming back to Grand Marais when dad had leave. I also enjoyed picking blueberries every day and making pies or just eating them for breakfast, lunch, coffee time and dinner.

I quit high school after 11th grade to get married. I met Lyle when he stopped by Joyne’s Department store where I worked and asked me out to the movies. We got married in 1948. Delores laughs and starts her honeymoon story. Well we were headed to Alaska and there was a storm that stopped us in Buffalo, SD. We turned south to get away from the storm and ended up staying a week in Salt Lake City. It was the worst storm of the year. We got to Helena, MT and decided to just go home so we did.

I was busy being a housewife and taking care of six children so I didn’t have time for a career. After the kids left I worked at the Cook County Historical Society and Johnson’s Heritage Post. We have twelve grandchildren and many great grandchildren.

My hobbies include crocheting, knitting, playing cards, dominoes, chatting with people and stuff. Something I have always wanted to do is travel and we did. We traveled to the Canary Islands, Acapulco, Rome, and Columbia, South America to name a few. We also snow birded in Texas and Arizona. 

A fun story I would like to share is the time I shot a moose. Lyle, two friends and I went hunting. The moose crossed Lyle and my path. Lyle told me to take the shot. We both shot. Lyle thought we missed. When we brought the moose to town the butcher said it was my shot that killed it.

Another fun story is when we didn’t have much money so I used crepe paper to make a dress with a matching hat for Lavona to wear in a 4th of July parade.

A fun fact I would like to share is living at Split Rock Light House. I had a choice of attending school in Two Harbors or in Grand Marais. I ended up staying in Grand Marais with my sister Grace and Stanley during the school week and catch a ride back to Split Rock with the mail truck on Friday afternoons. My sister would come get me on Sunday’s. We’d have a picnic then drive back to Grand Marais.

Something I enjoy about living at North Shore Living is it is easier to be here than any place else. You can do whatever you want. I like to play most of the games.

Other happenings

Sad news is our friends Carol and Jim Tveekrem both passed away. They spent most of their time enjoying each other’s company from the time they entered North Shore Living whether they were eating meals together, listening to music, sitting close by in each other’s rooms or out on the patio until they departed weeks apart. They will be missed. 

The Activity department is in need of a casual or part time employee. If you enjoy having fun with the elderly helping them have a more enjoyable life give me a call, stop by or go to our website at North Shore Health and fill out an application. 

We are still looking for fully vaccinated volunteers to assist with certain activities including watering plants, aviary care, playing music, reading, 1:1 time, games, etc. Some of these activities can be on your schedule. Please call Lisa if you have a couple hours a week or month to volunteer. 218-387-3518. Recipes, cards and bike donations can be mailed to me at: North Shore Health c/o Lisa Bloomquist 515 5th Ave W. Grand Marais, MN 55604.

Thank you’s

Thank you to those who have donated money towards our bicycle built for two. We are excited to get out and feel the wind blowing on our faces. We are still looking for recipes for our North Shore Living Cookbook we are creating for a bicycle fund raiser. Do you have any you would like to share? Thank you to David Saethre for sharing your vacation adventures with us. We really enjoy live armchair travel. Thank you to Ruby’s Pantry for all the beautiful flowers, Bethlehem Lutheran church ladies for the valentine cookies, to Kaleb and Tonya Klegstad for the valentine gift bags. Marsha Hansen and CCHS middle/high school choir for the valentine cards. The residents really enjoyed them. At one of our coffee gatherings one of the residents brought her homemade valentine and stopped our chit chat with a very sincere, “I want to thank whoever gave me this beautiful valentine. I know it takes time and effort and it means the world to me. Thank you thank you.”  Thank you to all our fantastic volunteers. We wouldn’t have as much fun as we do without you.

What are you thankful for? Go enjoy some shenanigans, maybe eat some chicken, and remember “Old Age Ain’t for Sissies!”



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