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Christmas tea on the Edna G begins after Thanksgiving in Two Harbors

Nov 15, 2021 05:24AM ● By Editor

Photo: Fox 21 News

By Natalie Noury of Fox 21 News - November 14, 2021

Families are being invited to get a helping of history, enjoying a cup of tea aboard the tugboat “Edna G” in Two Harbors.

Parties of 4 or more are welcomed on board for Christmas tea on the Edna G. They can sit in the galley and enjoy tea, hot cocoa and finger sandwiches surrounded by Christmas decorations.

With so many stories from bow to stern, people will get an up close look at the 125-year-old tugboat’s history.

“Anytime we do an event like this we love it, because it shares with people again kind of the historic value that this boat has, I mean, everything from helping out in World War II to actually tugging up the North Shore to saving some lives back in the early 1900’s off of a sinking boat so lot of amazing history,” Christopher Swanson, Mayor of Two Harbors said.

This event is also helping fundraise money towards some repairs the ship needs, but the friends of Edna G are looking forward to hosting the first-time event which starts after Thanksgiving.

“The idea really was such a unique location, on an antique ship in Lake Superior, and then you come in where everybody else had eaten, and talked, but it’s our hope that they just come and really enjoy themselves and leave feeling uplifted,” Boni Bieniek, Friend Of Edna G said.

Christmas tea on the Edna G starts November 26th through December 19th on Fridays through Sundays, reservations are required, and you can make those on the friends of Edna G website.

To see a video version of this report and related stories, follow this link to the Fox 21 News website.

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