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New North Shore Treat: Burlington Station and Callie’s Sweets

Jun 18, 2021 11:34AM ● By Editor

By Jaye White from Cascade Vacation Rentals Blog - June 17, 2021

Burlington Station- Burlington Boutique and Callie’s Sweets is a new business located on the east end of Two Harbors. Located in a former grocery store, the dual shops share a very unique and beautifully designed space. On one side, hand-painted murals depict a bustling Main Street city scene and train station, complete with an overhead train track with actual model trains running past once every couple of minutes. This side is the Burlington Boutique. On the other side, you’ll find a vintage 1950s diner scene. Complete with black and white checkered floors and seafoam blue booths. Murals depicting iconic North Shore landmarks throw in a candy-themed twist. This side is known as Callie’s Sweets.

Together, the two stores create Burlington Station – a unique experience for North Shore visitors.

Burlington Boutique

Walk under a trestle train bridge and enter Burlington Boutique.

Burlington Boutique is a beautifully curated gift shop. It features everything from metal lawn ornaments to North Shore-themed sweatshirts. Pick up a pair of shoes, a gift for a baby shower, or a uniquely scented candle. The well-thought-out variety of gifts will take visitors a while to look through. Having visited the store twice already myself, I found that I missed quite a bit my first time through!

While you shop, be sure to admire the artwork on the walls. Duluth artist Brian Olson spent 16 months (off and on) creating and painting several scenes with realistic details, reminiscent of a movie set or theater backdrop. At the front of the store, you will find a classic Main Street scene with several storefronts. These include a flower shop, cafe, bank, and clothing boutique.

The largest of the mural buildings, the Train Depot, has actual working doors that will someday lead visitors into the model train area. While not open yet, Burlington Station will someday be the home to the world’s largest model train display!

The back half of the Burlington Boutique side depicts a bustling train depot. Through the painted windows you will see a train has just pulled into the station, with the attentive conductor looking or his shoulder at the unseen back half of the train. Take time to admire the fact that every single multi-colored brick has been painted onto the walls and the amount of time that must have taken the artist to do!

Visitors can watch popcorn being made through a window at the back of the store under the Burlington Station sign. And, model train lovers can admire the two trains that run in opposite directions around the track that encircles the entire store.

Diner Area at Callies Sweets

Callie’s Sweets

Once you’ve finished shopping, hop over to the vintage-themed Callie’s Sweets. Named after owner Callie Swanson, Callie’s Sweets is an old-fashioned candy store featuring homemade fudge, truffles, popcorn, and other made-on-site goodies.

The front half of Callie’s Sweets is designed like a 1950s diner. Walk across the black and white checkered floors and take a seat in the seafoam blue booths. Or, grab a seat at the chrome bar and order an Italian soda or 1919 Root Beer on tap. Be sure to take in the artwork on the wall here, too. Murals include an iron ore ship being loaded with candy and Split Rock Lighthouse surrounded by chocolate rocks.

In the middle, an enticing display of fudge and truffles will leave any candy-lover wide-eyed in awe. Enjoy fudge flavors like key lime pie, caramel apple, orange creamsicle, and classic chocolate. Truffle options include wedding cake, butter toffee, dark chocolate bourbon, and pina colada.  Other available sweets include milk chocolate-covered Oreos, milk chocolate cashew bars, and chocolate-covered pretzels. Callie’s Sweets also offers a variety of gourmet popcorn (the same popcorn you can watch being made on the Burlington Station side!).

At the back of Callie’s Sweets, you’ll find a classic bulk candy station. Offering a variety of gummy candies, flavored Tootsie Rolls, and other classic favorites. You can also find some unique soda offerings. Including Grandpa Joe’s Ketchup Soda and Grandpa Joe’s Pickle Pop. Not into the “unique” sodas? They also have Jarritos, Saranac, Red Ribbon,  Jones, and Northern Soda Company sodas in a wide variety of flavors, including traditional flavors like grape and root beer.

Packages classic candies, specialty rice crispies treats, and Candy Club candies round out the sweets offerings.

Fudge Truffles and Sweets at Callies Sweets

Even the Bathrooms Are Neat!

So much attention to detail was paid to the creation of Burlington Station. I don’t think I’ve ever recommended a bathroom in a blog post before. But here, you must visit the bathroom! Chandeliers hang from the ceiling and everything just feels so fancy! Yes, I really did just say you need to visit the bathroom. It really is hard to believe this space was once just a grocery store and then an office building!

The Future of Burlington Station

The fun will eventually continue outdoors, as well. They are planning a covered awning and side patio area with yard games for those warm summer days. Be sure to look at the mural painted across from the bathrooms to see what the future of Burlington Station and Callie’s Sweets looks like. (That mural is pictured at the top of this article, too!)

Likely the first thing anyone passing by will notice is the new mural on the north side of the building. Also done by artist Brian Olson, the exterior mural is the outside view of the mural seen in the back of Burlington Station. The train is in the station, and people are milling about the platform. A dalmatian puppy stares longingly at a spilled ice cream cone while three women pose playfully nearby.

The front half of the mural welcomes visitors to Two Harbors. The Two Harbors Lighthouse (now a museum and bed and breakfast) alongside the retired locomotive from the Duluth and Iron Range Depot Museum show visitors what Two Harbors is all about.

Burlington Station Mural by Brian Olson

A Great Addition to Two Harbors

This fabulous addition to the Two Harbors community aims to make the east end of Two Harbors a place where visitors and locals can come together in an open and inviting community space. You can grab your treats, do some shopping, then hang out in the diner area. In the summer months, you can head outside and enjoy your treats or have food delivered from nearby restaurants. Space may also be rentable in the future for birthday parties and other events.

And, of course, that model train room is coming soon! We were told it will be open in the fall of 2021, hopefully.

All in all it’s a bright light in a community that didn’t really have many indoor community spaces until now. The beautiful artwork will take visitors back in time and kids young and old will love the variety of sweets. We are declaring Burlington Station – Burlington Boutique and Callie’s Sweets a must-visit the next time you visit or even just pass through Two Harbors.

Getting There and Learn More

Burlington Station is located at 320 7th Ave in Two Harbors. Getting to it is easy- the store is right off Highway 61 on the east end of town across from the Holiday Station and Lou’s Fish. Those who have been around a while will remember this store as the old Super One Grocery Store. The mural on the side is the easiest way to spot the building.

Want to stay nearby? Check out Falu Hus located near downtown Two Harbors just about ten (short) blocks away!

Learn more by visiting the Burlington Station Website and the Callie’s Sweets Website. Be sure to like and follow the Burlington Station Facebook page. You can also listen to Jaye and Martha’s interview with Jordan Siedel, the store’s marketing director on Episode 38 of Exploring the North Shore:

To see the original story and read much more about great North Shore adventures and attractions, follow this link to Jaye White's Cascade Vacation Rentals Blog.

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