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June North Shore Living Newsletter

Jun 01, 2021 07:27PM ● By Editor
June 1, 2021

Time to celebrate

Woods household residents were excited to gather for a good old-fashioned game of Bingo. When I told them they could gather close together instead of the six foot two to a table rule for Bingo and all activities there was a clear “I’ll be there!” We had a grand game of Bingo like you’ve never seen. We wore colorful cowboy hats and celebrated as if we won the grand prize belt buckle in a champion rodeo buck-riding contest. We broke out the candy before the big event even started. Now for some fun! Truly, Bingo sometimes is like riding the bull and you definitely don’t want to get in the way. Let’s hope the rest of the summer goes great.

According to the Perk

According to the Perk in Connecticut a pickle isn’t considered a pickle unless it bounces and a cucumber is considered a fruit so a pickle is too? I sent out a questionnaire on Facebook asking for pickle brands and varieties to assist us with our pickle hangman game for International Pickle Day. We were dilled with all the responses. Can you guess this one?   _ _ _ _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _      _ _ _ _     If you guessed pickled pigs feet, you are correct. We reminisced about all the cucumbers we have cut up over the years, about all the things that could be pickled such as watermelon rinds, green beans and quail eggs and about how many pickles we have probably eaten. I used to like pickled pigs feet when I was little until I found out what they really were.

 Speaking of pickles

Mary Liebsch is our resident spotlight of the month.

Mary is as sweet as the come. Mary was born on November 30, 1926, the first of four children in Sioux City, Iowa. Her father, Art Rasmussen was a professional baseball player before he got married to Mary’s mother. He then became a well driller. Mary’s mother stayed home to raise the family. Mary grew up in Kingsley, Iowa. She remembers having to babysit her two younger sisters and brother. She said they always had fun. Her father built them a high jump out of bamboo poles. They played baseball probably every day and they had a sand box. The war was going on when Mary was a child, but she said they were ok.

Mary attended high school in Kingsley, college at Morning Star in Sioux City and was a nurse forever. She actually worked here in Grand Marais alongside Carol Seglem, Donna Clothier, Dorothy Whipkey and Rodger McDonald.

Mary met her husband Ted Liebsch at a dance in Iowa. His aunt and Mary were friends so there was a connection. Mary and Ted liked to travel and fish. They have two sons and no grandchildren. Mary’s words of advice to young people are “Be Honest”

Mary talks to her sister Chris often via Skype and they thoroughly enjoy this interaction. Mary is the president of our resident council. She is a delight to be around and always has a smile on her face. She loves playing games, sun herself on the patio, does the Perk crossword puzzles, leads us in song and always makes sure we get in a cup of coffee.

Other goings ons

Linda Johnson and Nadine Abel celebrated their birthdays. We got an automatic door opener installed on our secure patio so it’s easier for us to get in and out. Indoor visits and outings have resumed for all residents. Residents can gather for meals and activities without masks and social distancing. We have finally been able to go out a few days to bask in the sunshine. If fact one day they all flat, out refused to join in their exercise program. They said, We’re not doing that. It’s nice out we are going outside” and they did.

Things and stuff

Once again thank you so much for all the treats, love and support you have been sending our way.  We are impatiently waiting for all of our volunteers to be able to join us in our activities. We hope you are doing well. Vaccinated Essential Caregivers can visit in the Households.  You can be in contact with residents by possibly becoming an Essential Caregiver. You can also visit thru FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, family room window visits and by indoor visits. Yes, you have read right indoor visits have been reestablished.  Please call 387-3040 ex 0 to make arrangements to visit indoors.

Please call the Activity department to arrange a Skype, FaceTime, or family room window visit at 218-387-3518.

Don’t be a dill pickle, be sweet and kind. We look forward to seeing you soon

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