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“Passion Pit” Advisory Committee Invites Public Input for Short-Term Management of Area

May 18, 2021 02:45PM ● By Editor

From Cook County MN - May 18, 2021 

Do you have a history using the Old Shore Road beach area in the past? If so, how have you used this area, locally referred to as “Passion Pit,” in the past?

The summer of 2020 saw an increase of concerns from nearby private property owners regarding a perceived overuse of the site, which impacted the area with adverse parking issues, litter, loud parties and trespassing onto private property.


The Cook County “Passion Pit” Advisory Committee was recently established to provide a long-term vision for this area, as well as to look for public input on short-term management to help alleviate any misuse/abuse of the area. That could include waste receptacles, port-a-potties, a pet waste bag dispenser, identified parking spots, informational signage and more. 

If you’d like to see any of these things implemented or have other ideas for short-term management of the beach area, please share your written comments with Cook County Land Services Director Tim Nelson at [email protected] by Saturday, May 22. The committee will advise the Cook County Board of Commissioners on management of the 37-foot parcel.

The “Passion Pit” Advisory Committee would like to remind anyone interested in this area that they are able to join the committee’s meetings, which are conducted virtually via Zoom and streamed via the Cook County YouTube channel. The committee’s next meeting is Monday, May 24, at 5 p.m. Sending written comments by Saturday is encouraged; however, the public will be able to make comments at the beginning of Monday’s meeting. Meeting information can be accessed by visiting the Cook County website or by clicking here.

Additionally, the advisory committee has agreed that the “Passion Pit” name is disrespectful and should eventually be changed to reflect both the history and serenity of the site.

About the “Passion Pit” Advisory Committee:

The purpose of the advisory committee is to meet over a period of time not to exceed 12-months from the date of its first meeting to review all of the issues surrounding the ownership and use of the former gravel excavation parcel currently owned by MnDOT and known locally as “Passion Pit.” 

Tim Nelson
Cook County Land Services Director
or [email protected]
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