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Sap is running – the labor of love has begun

Mar 23, 2021 08:42PM ● By Editor
Lutsen's Jeff Latz (left) and members of his sugar making crew show how they are making liquid gold while maintaining social distance.  Bravo!  All photos:  Boreal Community Media

Exclusive to Boreal Community Media - March 23, 2021

With the firewood stacked and the trees tapped, the 2021 syrup making season is underway on the North Shore.  Boreal Community Media went behind the scenes of one local sugar maker in the Deeryard Lake area near Lutsen.

 This photo shows how a maple is tapped at the tree

Cook County is full of sugar making hobbyists. With as few as 25 taps to as many as a few hundred, outdoor enthusiasts are making maple syrup in full force.

This photo shows maple sap flowing into the collection tank

Early March 2021 produced ideal temps of above freezing days and below freezing nights. As the sap run has slowed for a few days, everyone in the area is optimistic the sap will run again with cooling temps in the forecast.

 It is full steam ahead as the boiling sap begins its slow reduction process of turning into the precious syrup.

 As the syrup making process slowly unfolds, all the sugar making crew closely inspect the fruit of their labors.

 The magic moment.  The syrup is filtered and prepared to be bottled.  The big pay day is almost here!

Now that's just naturally beautiful.  Good to last drop.  Liquid gold now being brought to you from the North Shore sugar bush near you.

Editor's Note:  Our thanks to Jeff Latz and his crew near Lutsen for inviting Boreal to witness their annual labor of love and ancient tradition of sugar making and sharing it with Boreal readers.  Yum.

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