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Video: Social distancing: another thing to keep in mind at the beach

Jun 17, 2020 05:43AM ● By Editor

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Photo: WDIO-TV

By Ryan Juntti of WDIO-TV - June 16, 2020

Usually when you to to the beach, it's important to keep things in mind like using enough sunscreen, and staying hydrated, but now following social distancing guidelines can be added to that list.

“I’ve seen people separating themselves appropriately, and kind of keeping just in their space without interacting with others,” said Aziza Houser, who was at Park Point Beach on Tuesday afternoon.

Houser and others say they also made an effort to keep their distance.

“I have people close to me that are high risk. My parents are in that age bracket, and so just trying to be aware. I can only do what’s good for me, and those that I’m in contact with," said Leah Brumfield, who was at Park Point on Tuesday afternoon.

Even during the pandemic, some beachgoers say they feel safe going to the beach.

“I’m not personally concerned. I think the people, they are grouped like with people that maybe they live with, or they’re related to, so that helps too,” said Kaylee Pelkey, who was at Park Point on Tuesday afternoon.

“I think it depends where you go too, like if you’re out here, you’re out in the open, and you’re not really in a confined area,” said Katrina Meza who was at Park Point on Tuesday afternoon.

While the CDC recommends staying six feet away from others at the beach, and avoid gathering with people you don't live with, they also recommend wearing a mask when it is feasible to do so, something that didn't seem to be too popular with Northlanders.

“No, I think it’s ridiculous,” Brumfield said when asked whether she feels wearing a mask at the beach is necessary.

Hardly anyone was wearing a mask at Park Point on Tuesday afternoon, and while it may be something people don't necessarily want to do, health officials continue to reinforce it is important to do so in public to keep yourself and others safe. 

The CDC says children under two should not wear a mask.

The CDC also says people who were exposed to someone who has COVID-19 within 14 days should not visit parks and beaches. 

To read the original story and see related reporting, follow this link to the WDIO-TV website.

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