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Video: Mike Larson's Bike Rescue

Dec 19, 2019 01:30PM ● By Editor

Watch Mike Larson rescue his bike from under the ice!

From Cascade Vacation Rentals - December 19, 2019

In mid-November, Mike Larson took his bike out on the frozen lake. He almost didn't return. OK, we poke fun, but this is a serious topic. The ice is never 100% safe!

It may look frozen, but there are almost always soft spots. Mike could have lost his life that day. He struggled to remove himself from the frigid waters and then walked for 40 minutes before he came upon another person.

Had it been colder, he could have been overcome by hypothermia.

So take warning, kids! Be safe on the ice!

 This message brought to you by your friends at Cascade Vacation Rentals. We care about you. BE SAFE!
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