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Grand Marais Library unveils Health Portal

Oct 18, 2019 02:25PM ● By Editor

Media Release from The Grand Marais Public Library - October 18, 2019

The Grand Marais Public Library has undertaken a new Health Portal to make reliable health information available to the community. 

Access to the portal may be gained at the library home page , and clicking on the red cross symbol labelled “Health Topics” in the jewel bar near the top of the page. (scroll left of right if it doesn’t appear immediately on the page.)

In today’s internet, a search for a typical health concern can yield many results that may be unreliable, incorrect, or are simply trying to sell a product. The resources featured on the library page are #NOTFAKENEWS – in other words they are resources that are based upon solid research, that present facts, and are not purposefully misleading in order to sell a product.

The resources presented on this new web page offer various ways to look at health information, from general overviews, to in-depth coverage of specific health concerns, to information about specific medications and ways to identify an unknown pill by its appearance. Also included are resources for lactating women, AIDS information, household products and their contents, and more. Issues of pain management, substance addiction, treatment and cure are also covered. There is even a section devoted to healthy recipes.

For more information, users are encouraged to go use the resource, or ask at the library for someone to show how to gain access to this information.

Steve Harsin
(218) 387-1140 or [email protected]
Grand Marais Public Library
104 2 nd Ave W, Box 280
Grand Marais, MN 55604

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