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Neighbor tension over adventure park eases

Sep 22, 2019 08:23AM ● By Editor

By Teri Cadeau of the Lake County News Chronicle -  September 19, 2019

Residents of Aiken Circle were back at the Silver Bay City Council meeting Monday, Sept. 16, with an update on the situation with the neighboring North Shore Adventure Park. 

Todd Rose, along with Patrick and Katherine Miller, visited the council in August with concerns, mostly about noise level, increased traffic and the ATV trail behind their homes.

Rose reported that thanks to efforts, spearheaded by Patrick Miller, the park owner Phil Huston had been talking with the neighbors and agreeing to some measures to decrease the irritants.

"He talked to us about putting up a wall, possibly a soundproof wall, which could be 30-45 feet high and help decrease the noise," Rose said. "And that could also be used as a climbing wall, which would be quieter than the ziplines. And he's offered to buy anyone's home along Aiken Circle to house his workers."

Huston has also visited with neighbors with the biggest complaints.

"It's progress," Rose said. "Things are starting to come along and we're seeing some improvements."

However, Rose also said he was concerned with how the process went with the park's acquisition of the land.

"I think the thing that's bitten most people on the circle is that no one came by to talk to us and tell us what was going to happen here," Rose said.

As for the ATV and snowmobile trail, the Millers were still concerned with the trail possibly stretching beyond its easement limitations and how close it was to their backyard. Johnson addressed the concerns.

"We've been looking at the trail and the easement and everything's in order," Johnson said. "But I was also told that if the trail needs to be moved, it could be moved, if there's an ownership area in question."

Johnson said he was glad to hear the update and that he hoped these "growing pains" would continue to improve with the relationship between the neighbors and the park.

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