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Several agencies rescue stranded hikers on Lake Superior

Jul 31, 2019 05:07AM ● By Editor

Photo:  Deputy T. Conhartoski of the Iron County Sheriff''s Office 

By Alissa Pietila from WLUC-TV - July 31, 2019

The Iron County (Wisconsin) Sheriff's Office was called to assist with a rescue operation early Tuesday morning involving three adults, three children and a dog. 

According to a release from the sheriff's office, at approximately 5:45 a.m., they received a call from the Ashland County (Wisconsin) Sheriff's Office. Ashland County said that three adults, three children and a dog were stranded on Marble Point on the Lake Superior shore in the Iron County area. 

Deputies later learned one adult and two children became stranded on Monday, after hiking eastward from the Madigan Beach area. An effort to recover the hikers overnight by boat from Odanah, Wisconsin, was unsuccessful. The boat took on too much water and was grounded in the rocky area near Marble Point, which added an additional two adults and one child needing help.

Iron County Deputies responded and were assisted by Hurley Rescue and the Saxon/Gurney Volunteer Fire Department. A staging area was also set up at the intersection of Birch Hill and Graveyard Creek roads. 

Hurley Rescue, along with a Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission warden worked westward along the Lake Superior shore from Graveyard Creek. 

All involved it would be safest to contact the U.S. Coast Guard. A USCG helicopter was dispatched out of Traverse City. Coast Guard personnel were able to locate all those stranded and successfully rescue them. 

A helicopter landing zone was set up by the Saxon/Gurney Volunteer Fire Department at the softball field in Gurney. After the USCG dropped off the individuals, they were checked over by Saxon/Gurney First Responders and Beacon Ambulance personnel. Aside from being wet and cold, no injuries were reported. 

The rescued individuals told deputies they were able to build a temporary shelter and a fire for overnight. They also thanked all agencies involved in their rescue operation. 

Read a press release from the Iron County Sheriff below.


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