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The sounds and sights of spring: Hovland's North Shore

Apr 23, 2019 07:01PM ● By Editor
Photo: Jim Williams

By Eric Block, Contributing Editor of Boreal Community Media - April 23, 2019

It was a glorious day of sunshine, clear blue skies, a big blue lake and warm temperatures on the North Shore near Hovland today.  And all the elements of nature were singing and showing their joy of the arrival of spring.

On an early morning walk, ruffed grouse were doing their drumming in the first senerade of spring mating.

Photo:  Rugged Grouse Society

Today on the shores of placid Lake Superior, we were greeted by the plaintive calls of the first loon arrival on our little portion of the North Shore.

 Photo:  Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Several big flocks of Canada Geese cascaded slowly over Lake Superior today honking to their mates, sons and daughters as they make their slow and steady progression north to nesting grounds.

Photo:  Michigan Public Radio 

Sometimes spring change is more gradual and silent, as we observed a snow shoe rabbit starting to change from winter white to summer brown.


And finally, the chickadees have transitioned from their winter chirping to their melodic "fee-bee" spring song.  They are less interested in the sunflower seeds now and more invested in attracting each other and appreciating the warm spring sunshine and celebrating it in song.



There is much more to come.  The arrival of the "oh canada" song from the white throat sparrow songs, the spring peepers in the swamps and more surprises at every turn.  Get up early – get out– and enjoy the sounds, sights and celebration of spring on the North Shore!.

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