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Cook County welcomes Dr. Catherine Hansen

Nov 26, 2018 01:34PM ● By Editor

Story and photo by Lisa Bauer, Boreal Community Media

From Boreal Community Media - November 26, 2018

“What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?” is a question that Dr. Hansen may hear often over the next couple of months.  

Cook County, known for being first in the state and in the top 10 ranks in the United States for the most remote access to health care, can be daunting to many newcomers to the area. However, Dr. Hansen is already quite fond of her new area that she has called home since October when she joined the medical staff at Sawtooth Mountain Clinic as their newest Family Medicine physician.  

Dr. Hansen grew up in Southern Minnesota, the daughter of two science teachers.  Being the niece of a neurologist peaked her interest in medicine. According to Dr. Hansen, “I liked the analytical side and problem solving but loved the human element as well”.  She loves connecting with people and hearing their stories. She chose to go into Family Medicine so that she can see people in all stages of their lives and work with them when they are healthy to prevent them from getting sick.  

She finished college before deciding that she wanted to apply to medical school.  She then attended the University of Minnesota Medical School and then completed her residency in an area of Minneapolis.  She said that the best parts of her residency were the people that she worked with.  She trained in a class of ten women and said that the faculty was wonderful, as they each brought in a variety of life experiences.  She provided care in an under-served part of North Minneapolis, which was challenging in a time of political turmoil and as a middle class white person.

Dr. Hansen said that the biggest logistical challenge she encountered when moving here was housing, which is something commonly heard throughout the community.  She is learning new aspects of her job daily, but said that her patients, peers, and the community members have been so supportive and wonderful to her.  She has already become involved with the YMCA and the Art Colony and is feeling right at home.

Welcome to Cook County, Dr. Hansen!

To learn more about Sawtooth Mountain Clinic, visit their site:

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