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Exclusive: Meet Darin Fagerman, local Conservation Officer

Oct 29, 2018 03:48PM ● By Editor

October 29, 2018

Lisa Bauer, Boreal Community Media staff member, chatted with Darin Fagerman, a local Conservation Officer to learn more about his job and his advice for a safe upcoming hunting season. 

Darin has been on the job since 2004.  Prior to that, he was a state trooper in his former career.  His training consisted of a 12 week academy, followed by four months of field training with an experienced conservation officer.  Darin stated that he was with one conservation officer for two months, then one month each with two different officers.  Darin shared that upon graduation from the academy, candidates go to stations that are open. 

When asked what a typical day is like, Darin laughed and commented that “there is no typical day”.  He said that when he gets tired of being in a boat, it’s hunting season.  After hunting season, he is on a snowmobile, skis or snowshoes.  Job duties that he performs include enforcing game and fish law, enforcing recreational vehicles, aquatic species monitoring, and public education (firearm, ATV, snowmobile safety).

When asked about the biggest issue he encounters on the job, Darin stated that it’s the nuisance bear problems and that it’s really not the bears that are trying to be a problem.  People who feed the birds and leave their garbage out create the problem.

Darin said that the best part of job is the change of seasons.  He said that if someone loves the outdoors, this is a great career choice. 

Darin’s hunting advice for this upcoming seasons:

  • Make sure to treat every gun as if it was loaded
  • Be vigilant about gun safety
  • Don’t shoot at shadows and noise – know your target
  • Be sure of what’s behind of what you are shooting at
  • Don’t shoot within 500 feet of occupied residences

He also shared tips for staying safe while hunting:

  • Carry a compass
  • Carry waterproof matches
  • Bring food
  • Dress properly
  • Tell people where you are hunting and what time you will return
  • Stay put If you are lost.  This makes it easier for searchers to find you

Thanks for all that you do, Darin!


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