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New Book: Wilderness, The Gateway To The Soul: Spiritual Enlightenment Through Wilderness

Oct 28, 2018 02:19PM ● By Editor
From Boreal Community Media - October 28, 2018

Through his deeply poetic and wildly provocative tale of personal transformation, Scott Stillman takes us on a spiritual journey, away from a chaotic world of details, obligations, smartphones and noisy machines, to a place that is unspoiled, untamed, free. 

Mostly solo, he guides us deeply into American Wilderness. There is heart-wrenching beauty. Undeniable presence. In the cracks and fissures of the Earth we uncover timeless wisdom, ancient magic, and a Gateway to the Soul. Here we learn who we truly are. Beneath all the layers, the labels, the stories, the myths. 

Come on in. The door is wide open. To all who wish to wander.

Editorial Reviews

"Anyone who picks up this book, whether they've hiked every trail in the country or have never laced up a boot, will fall in love with Earth's magic through Scott Stillman's eyes. He brings canyons and mountainscapes to life through reverent observation and pure, joyful adventure reminiscent of Edward Abbey's desert days. His eye for rustic beauty reminds us all to slow down and rejoice each day we're alive." -EMMA MURRAY, BOULDER WEEKLY

About the Author

Scott Stillman was born in Fairfield, Ohio, then moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2003. For twelve years he backpacked extensively through the mountains and deserts of the American West. Recording his journeys with pen and notebook, he writes primarily about our spiritual connection to nature.

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