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Forest Service announces prescribed burns this spring.

Apr 24, 2018 10:24AM ● By Editor
Anticipated Dates of Burn
A series of prescribed fires are planned from early spring until summer when vegetation greens up. Burning will again take place late fall when grasses have cured. General dates for the prescribed fire projects are this spring between April 5 and June 15 or in the fall between October 1 and November 15. 
Tofte and Gunflint Ranger Districts, Superior National Forest, northeast Minnesota.
Multiple units and locations on the east side of the Forest.  A series of vicinity maps indicate the location and size of each specific prescribed fire unit and are available on the Superior National Forest website:  A series of vicinity maps are also attached as PDF files.
7 units for a total of 85 acres are planned for burning.  
Forest managers will utilize prescribed fire to maintain openings that provide essential habitat for a diversity of wildlife species in the area. Periodic prescribed fire use simulates the role of historic re-occurring wildfire by discouraging encroaching brush and stimulating the growth of browse, grasses and forbs needed as a food source by their prey species. Numerous native wildlife benefit,  including kestrel, woodcock, moose, white-tailed deer, black bear, meadow vole and many others. 

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