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Bev Green - Advocating for our four legged friends

Dec 28, 2017 02:06PM ● By Editor

Bev Green, the full-time director at the Cook County Senior Center wears many different hats throughout her busy day.   She is also a co-founder of Arrowhead Animal Rescue, along with Gay O’Donnell. In operation since May of 2011, they are the only two left from the original Board of Directors.

Bev said that they currently have 10-12 volunteers.  Gay takes care of contacts and adoptions.  The biggest need for volunteers at Arrowhead Animal Rescue would be for walking dogs, playing with cats, or simply socializing and loving these animals without a home.

Animals find their way to Arrowhead Animal Rescue in many different ways.  Due to City leash laws, if they are found off-leash by police within City limits, they are brought in and the owners are fined.  Sometimes animals need to be taken care of for short or long periods of time due to incarceration, illness, or a move to a care center.  Many animals are found by tourists and brought to the shelter.

Donations of supplies come from individuals.  These supplies include bedding, food, and toys.  They contract with two local vets (Lake County and Cedar Grove) who are very supportive of their mission.  Monetary donations that come in help offset veterinary bills.

Bev said that biggest need right now is for a new building for the animals. The current building, aside from it being a warm and safe place for the animals, it is dreary and does not provide all the space for their needs.

If Bev could give one message to pet owners, it would be to keep their pets on a leash, in the house, or in a fenced in yard.  Not only are there City leash laws, but people put their pet’s lives in dangers by not keeping them on leashes when outdoors. 

If you wish to volunteer your time please send an email [email protected] or call 218.387.1781.  If you would like to donate, donations can be sent to Arrowhead Animal Rescue PO Box 1274 Grand Marais MN 55604. Please specify if you want the donation specifically designated for the new building.  Arrowhead Animal Rescue is a 501(c) (3) non-profit and is also a no-kill shelter.

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