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A Community Grandpa

Nov 08, 2017 02:22PM ● By Editor

Inside the doors of Cook County Schools, a familiar face has been seen in the hallways for the past eleven years.  Meet Grandpa David, a foster grandparent at the school!

Grandpa David was introduced to the foster grandparent program through the Senior Corps Foster Grandparent program.  He is at the schools full days on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  In the morning, he spends time in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classrooms.  He eats lunch with special education students and is a mentor for them in the afternoon.  Grandpa David said that his favorite part of his day is being with the kids.

According to Bill DeWitt, principal at Cook County Schools, “Grandpa David lends a hand absolutely anywhere kids need it.  Last year he ran the school news for kids.  He also works on art, reading, mathematics – anything the kids need.  Because of his efforts, the school and kids’ learning is that much better.”

Grandpa David decided to become involved volunteering in the schools because he loves kids, a trait that he picked up from his own grandfather.  He comes from a family of educators.  He has a son and daughter, as well as six grandchildren.  His youngest grandson serves in the Army, and the others are enrolled in Minnesota colleges.

David’s career consisted of roles as a graphic artist, illustrator, and art director.  His love of art carries over into his volunteerism.  He paints portraits of the high school senior athletes and teaches youth art classes at the Art Colony.  In his spare time away from school, he relaxes by painting and reading history. 

Grandpa David admires how the school administrators work hard for the students, ensuring that friendships are formed throughout the student body. 

Thank you, Grandpa David, for all that you do for the kids and the community.  You are changing lives, one student at a time!

If you are interested in the Senior Corps Foster Grandparents program, please call 888.338.6492 or visit

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