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The Light, The Lake, and The Legends: a Lake Superior fable

Oct 29, 2017 08:14AM ● By Editor
Years later, when Grace Laporte Nyberg's grandson refused to go to kindergarten, she remembered the day the Lake stole her childhood. On the edge of the Big Lake live the Laportes. The family is poor but happy until disaster strikes. Struggling to feed her children, Rose takes on more and more washing and seamstress work. In the process, she reaches out to and becomes a part of her community. The years turn and things change. Children are born and people die. One World War sends the men overseas and gives women new opportunities, and another follows close on its heels. There is joy and sorrow, hard work and fun, and above all, humanity. And through it all... the Big Lake, observing everything, keeps its secrets to itself.

About the Author

Marsha Anderson Smith grew up in Superior, Wisconsin, a modest-sized port city on Lake Superior—one not so different from many other port cities along the Great Lakes. Her earliest recollections of life in the North are of magic and enchantment. Her family’s stories and the personalities of the people she knew growing up there came together to become part of this legend. Although Marsha has lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for most of her adult life, she always looks forward to her annual summer vacations at the family cabin in northern Wisconsin. It’s still an enchanted place for her.