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Ojibwe Language Learning Series- October

Ojibwe Language Learning Series
October Date: October 6, 13, 20, 27 over Zoom
Time: 6-7pm
Cost: $80 per person *50% Scholarships or 100% Scholarship options
Instructor: Michael Zimmerman Jr. Register:

It is possible to begin speaking Anishinaabemowin at any age. It is never too early or late to learn. We welcome you to join us in learning Anishinaabemowin. Learners of all levels are welcome!

This short series will include basic information you need to better understand the scope of Anishinaabemowin. We will cover some of the grammar that is helpful to know including the four types of verbs and the concept of animate and inanimate nouns. We welcome you to bring questions about language and culture! “Anishinaabemowin (also called Ojibwemowin, the Ojibwe/Ojibwa language, or Chippewa) is an Indigenous language, with a strong concentration around the Great Lakes. Elders share that the term Anishinaabemowin acknowledges the creation story of the Ojibwe people: “Anishinaabe” means “the spirit that is lowered down from above,” “-mo” refers to expression through speech and “-win” refers to the life energy within, used to do so. Linguists also explain that “-win” is a nominalizer that turns the verb Anishinaabemo (“he/she is speaking the Anishinaabe language”) into a noun” “Elders often speak about the importance of Anishinaabemowin to Anishinaabe culture and society. In addition to routine communication, the language is essential in the officiating of Ojibwe ceremonies and the repatriation of sacred items as well as in providing a unique way of understanding the world. The survival of Anishinaabemowin is directly related to the survival of Anishinaabe identity and culture.” “Anishinaabemowin is considered an endangered language.” 

Anishinaabemowin and Culture Instructor: Michael Zimmerman Jr. | 218-387-3411 | [email protected]

Date & Time

Weekly on Thursday

Oct 06, 2022 through Oct 27, 2022

6:00PM - 7:00PM

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Virtual Event

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$80 - 50% and 100% Scholarships available

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