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Spring Walk/Bike to School Day

Join the Safe Routes to School Committee for the Spring Walk/Bike to School Day on Wednesday, May 9th! Law enforcement and community volunteers will be accompanying the Walking School Buses to both ISD 166 and Great Expectations School on the three routes. Studies have found that physical activity, such as walking or biking to school, allows students to concentrate better during the school day. So what better way to start the day than joining in!

All students are welcome! Parents and caregivers are also welcome but not required to walk with their student. If your student normally gets a ride to school, come in a little early and walk or bike with the Walking School Bus from one of the starting locations on May 9th: the Cook County Courthouse (7:30 am departure), Birchwood Apartments (7:40 am departure), or County Road 7 and 7th Ave. East (7:40 am departure). Students are welcome to join along the route or meet at the starting location (see map for routes). For more information or to volunteer, contact Safe Routes to School Coordinator Maren at [email protected] or 218-387-2330.