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Geology walks at Sugarloaf Cove

Discover the geologic history of the North Shore

Sugarloaf Cove is an incredible place to explore geology! Step back in geologic time and learn about the formation of the Sawtooth Mountains and Lake Superior. Learn to recognize common rocks found in the area and the story of their formation. What does a Lake Superior agate look like? What about Thompsonite? Did you know lava flows have layers- and Sugarloaf is one of the best places to see them all in one place. It’s all here under your feet- come explore with us!

Date & Time

Weekly on Sunday

Jul 09, 2017 through Aug 27, 2017

10:00AM - 12:00PM

More Info

Event Website


$2 per person; $5 per family

Nature & Outdoors Tofte / Schroeder