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Photo of the week with local photographer Paul Sundberg: Grand Marais Sunset

Feb 05, 2024 09:55AM ● By Content Editor

Main image: Boreal Community Media 

By local photographer Paul Sundberg - Boreal Community Media - February 5, 2024

 Photo used with permission by Paul Sundberg

With our unseasonably warm temperatures there has been plenty of moisture in the air to create some beautiful sunsets over Lake Superior. I was photographing a small bank of bright red clouds on the horizon when I noticed a large cloud materializing. The sun had already set so I didn’t think it would turn red and started to put my camera away. All of a sudden it lite up creating a beautiful masterpiece. 

It almost looks like a storm moving in but it is moisture in the air traveling down the lakeshore due to Lake Superior’s cold waters. Notice the person standing on the rocks to the right of the big spruce watching the sunset. He was with a group seeing Grand Marais for the first time and couldn’t have picked a better day.

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