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Meet your Cook County Neighbor: Seth Backlund

Feb 04, 2024 06:11AM ● By Editor
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A Boreal Community Media exclusive - February 4, 2024

First of all, there is an old saying that you can always come back home.  How does it feel to be back in Cook County?  What did you miss the most about life in Cook County when you and your family moved away?

It feels great to be back. I’ve moved back and forth between here and the Twin Cities a handful of times, and there’s definitely pros and cons. I missed the lake, nature, and easy living for sure.  As for what I missed most, I’d say the sense of community would be number one.  It feels good knowing if I’m ever in a pinch I have people that can help, and vice versa, knowing my kids are in good hands at school etc.  People really look out for each other up here and there’s peace to be found in that. 


As a busy dad, is there a favorite spot in the County that you like to go to to unwind and relax? 

If I’m with the whole family and want something simple, nothing beats grabbing lunch and eating on the east bay beach; it’ll never get old.  Rock picking east of town or going up to Devil Track is nice and easy as well.  If solo, I enjoy hiking around the old ski hill, or different riverways around the county. There’s never-ending places to explore.

What is the best advice you were ever given and how did it impact you? 

Tough question.  I’m not sure about advice given to me. I’ve gotten a lot of good advice over the years but hard to pinpoint specifics.  I’ve always been fond of the whole “live today as if it’s your last” mantra.  I may not practice it much or very literal if I do, but it’s a good perspective shift when necessary.

What is one important lesson about parenting that you have learned along the way? 

Time goes by much too fast, so learning to be more grateful, present, and patient when the days are tough is key. Thinking about my twin daughters being 1/3 of the way through their childhood already is absolutely bizarre.

Are you a fan of winter who is disappointed by the lack of snow, or what is your favorite season in Cook County and why? 

I definitely prefer summer over winter, so I’m content with the lack of snow for now, especially working outside (though we do need it!).  But I’d like to buy a snowmobile for next winter so I think I’ll appreciate it more again.  I also love snowboarding so once I get the kids going on skiing or snowboarding, winter will be much more fun.

What is a surprising fact about you that many may not know? 

Well friends know, but many in the community probably do not, I’m pretty artistic.  I do a lot of drawing, and some painting, but I’m really into doing anything creative, doesn’t matter what medium; those are just the two I’m probably better at.  Admittedly not enough lately, but I would like to create a little art studio space in my basement to inspire me more. Also, I collect, buy, and sell clothes online, some modern but mostly vintage clothes.

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