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Sisu & Loyly Nordic Sauna begins 2024 with a partnership with North Shore Winery

Jan 23, 2024 11:05AM ● By Content Editor

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By Laura Durenberger-Grunow - Boreal Community Media - January 23, 2024

Sisu & Loyly Nordic Sauna had a banner year in 2023, launching Cook County's first mobile sauna and the first floating sauna in the US (docked at Sky Port Lodge on Devil's Track Lake in the summer). But they're not stopping there. Recently, North Shore Winery and Sisu & Loyly launched a new option for sauna and wine lovers at the Winery itself.

"My team brought the idea of forming a partnership with the winery utilizing the mobile sauna, and we went from there," Katie Usem, owner and founder of Sisu & Loyly Nordic Sauna told Boreal Community Media.

 An outdoor seating area (which now includes an added firepit) for guests to enjoy during their 'cooling' round. 

The Winery was all in, and built a platform to hold a canvas, woodfired tent that faces the woods and lake in a private area on Winery grounds. An outdoor firepit was added so sauna-goers can enjoy a place to sit during their 'cold' round. Before or after the sauna session, visitors can enjoy a drink in the tasting room where Winery staff will be on hand. Winery staff are also handling the logistics of checking in sauna guests, cleaning the sauna and tent between uses, loading firewood, etc.

"The winter canvas tent has two changing stalls, so guests don't have to use the Winery if they don't want to," Usem said. Unlike the flagship sauna in downtown Grand Marais, there are no showers available for use. As for bathroom usage, there is a port-a-potty nearby, or the Winery bathrooms are available for use.

 The Sisu & Loyly Mobile Sauna at the North Shore Winery. 

It was important for Usem's team, as well as Winery staff, to provide users with a private area to relax while enjoying the sauna (even with the Winery within walking distance). Usem mentioned that part of how they have achieved this is by going as off-grid as possible. "We are utilizing wood for the sauna and canvas tent heat, as well as opting for solar and rechargeable lighting," she added.

Partnerships are something the Sisu & Loyly team seems to excel at, and it's something that Usem appreciates. "I'm optimistic and excited for this project, and truly value the Winery for their partnership," she said.

The mobile sauna at the North Shore Winery will be available through winter, and potentially into late spring.

To learn more or make a reservation, visit:

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