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Photo of the week with local photographer Paul Sundberg: Resident Otters

Sep 11, 2023 09:43AM ● By Content Editor

Main image: Boreal Community Media 

By Paul Sundberg - Boreal Community Media - September 11, 2023

 Photo used with permission by Paul Sundberg

Just about every year there is a family of otters that take up residency in the Grand Marais Harbor. They are elusive though. Somedays they will put on quite a show and other days you can’t find them anywhere. I was biking in front of the North House Folk School when I saw bubbles coming from under the dock. I got my camera out figuring those bubbles were from the otters. Soon up pops the first one and climbs on the dock. Within seconds we have three otters running up the dock. Mom and her two kids.

They spend the next several minutes playing. I think otters have the most whiskers of any animal that I have photographed. Mom was the last to jump off the dock and head down the harbor before disappearing under the next dock. A friend of mine always rates his outdoor adventures by the number of otters he sees. This was a great “Three Otter Day”.

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