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New study reveals Greenwood fire’s impact on nearby lakes

Sep 09, 2023 03:46AM ● By Editor
Image:  Northern News Now

By Madisan Green - WDIO - September 8, 2023

More than two years ago, the Greenwood fire raged through 26,000 acres in Northern Minnesota destroying the land and homes.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota Duluth’s Natural Resources Research Institute wanted to know how the nearby lakes were affected.

“The real motivation for this study was seeing all the images in the media from the Greenwood fire,” said Chris Filstrup, one of the lake and stream scientists at the NRRI involved in the study.

In collaboration with Michigan State University and the University of Montreal, the study is the largest study of lakes in response to a single wildfire in the country’s history.

To view the full article, follow this link to WDIO.

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