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Minnesota DNR invites conversation about wildlife

Aug 08, 2023 09:27AM ● By Content Editor
Photo: Scott Carroll

From the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources - August 8, 2023

Wildlife managers with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, whose work improves wildlife habitat and public land access, are inviting the public to talk about wildlife in local Minnesota DNR offices across the state from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 17. Local wildlife managers will also be available by phone during these same hours.

Conversation topics can include anything related to wildlife, from wild turkeys to deer population levels, new hunting regulations, wetland restoration that benefits waterfowl, accessibility improvements at wildlife management areas, animal damage issues, and more.

“We want to hear stories and questions from the public and foster some great connections,” said David Trauba, southern region wildlife manager. “We find tremendous value in hearing from folks on a wide variety of wildlife topics. It helps us gain important perspectives that can make our work more effective.”

While the office hours on Aug. 17 are to specifically invite conversation about wildlife, Minnesota DNR staff are always available and happy to talk with members of the public throughout the year.

“The great thing about having these conversations at local offices is we can cover topics that are really on people’s minds where they live or recreate,” Trauba said. “We also have some great success stories to share.”

People might want to know where new properties are to hunt, or how pheasants are faring in their area; bird watchers might want to hear about the wetland and prairie restoration projects taking place nearby; staff can share how partnerships with conservation groups can add a multiplier effect to work completed by the Minnesota DNR; and there are others who might benefit from simply discussing the basics about how to access public land or about what wildlife lives nearby.

The wildlife conversations began in 2018 with the release of the statewide deer management plan and have continued and broadened to encourage discussions about all wildlife and habitat topics.

When it comes to deer, individuals can talk with Minnesota DNR staff about deer generally, upcoming hunting season changes, topics that the DNR’s deer advisory committee should be aware of, and other opportunities to provide thoughts and feedback regarding deer management throughout the year.

To find an area wildlife office location and contact information, visit the Minnesota DNR website.

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