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Maple Tree sap tapping season might be over before it begins

Apr 08, 2023 06:36AM ● By Editor
April 8, 2023 from WDIO News

Maple Tree sap tapping has been difficult this year due to the record amount of snow and late spring start. Maple syrup farmers in the northland are waiting anxiously for the weather to warm up enough for sap to flow. However, making real maple syrup takes a lot of hard work and patience. Especially, because you can only tap maple trees for a couple of weeks in the spring.

Doug Hoffbauer, the co-owner of farmer Doug, said inconsistent weather temperatures, impact the tapping process. Maple syrup farmers are ready for the sap to drip at any second. “We’ll see if we get 7 to 10 good days a year. That’s it. And the rest of the year is too cold. My concern, I think that we could blow right through it next week and be done if it gets in the sixties.” Hoffbauer said.

To view the full article and video, follow this link to WDIO News.

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