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Great Expectations School News - January 14, 2023

Jan 14, 2023 05:31AM ● By Editor
January 14, 2023 from GES School News

Winter Greetings, Families! 

To kick off our special day of stories, this morning’s all school gathering was hosted by  our multi-talented teachers who shared a twisted tale of The Three Little Pigs. Actors  included Chandler as the Big, Bad Wolf, Ryan as the Smart Wolf, who built his house  with bricks, and Nikki and Suzy as the Pigs who built their homes with sticks and straw.  Told from his perspective, today’s poor wolf had allergies and went into a coughing,  sneezing fit as he huffed and puffed, which drew much laughter from the audience.  This hilarious story was enjoyed by all with the moral being: There are two sides to  every story! 

This afternoon’s Storytelling Campfire was the highlight of the week! Students rotated  between eight stations for stories, music and hot cocoa by the fire. Special thanks to  our guest storytellers and musicians, Erik Redix, Abbyzak Legare, Christopher O’Brien, Steve Veit and Kevin Kager. Thanks also to teachers, Nikki Rice and Chuck Viren for  their stories, as well as our fire tenders, hot cocoa volunteers and lunch volunteers that  allowed Chris and Abbyzak to sneak away from the kitchen. We appreciate you all! 

Here are some pictures of the day:

Wolf and stick/straw pig 


Smart pig/Chris and Abbyzak can cook! 


The ever-popular Kevin Kager of Cooperation Fame (aka: Muffin Man)

Fawns teacher Nikki Rice shares an Aesop Fable of the sun and the wind

Enjoying cocoa by the campfire! 

Important Dates, Information & Events 

JMC family login link (for lunch, fees and back to school forms)


16: No School: MLK Day (ISD 166 DOES have school this day) 

19: School Board Meeting 4:00-6:00 pm 

23: No School: Professional Development Day 

27: School Spirit Day: Favorite Character Day 


7 and 9: Vision Screening 

16: Board Meeting 4:00-6:00 pm 

17: No Students: Professional Development Day 20: No School: Presidents Day 

21: 100th Day of School 

22: Bus Driver Appreciation Day 

23: School Spirit Day: Decade Day


3: Last Day of 2nd Trimester 

12: Daylight Savings Time Starts: Clocks ahead 1 hour 

14: Evening Conferences 

15-16: Compass Music Workshop: Nanilo 

16: Evening Conferences 

22: Evening Conferences 

23: School Spirit Day: PJ Day 

24: No School: Independent Workday 

27 thru 31: No School Spring Break 

Community Opportunities 

• Safe Sitter course offered to 6-8th graders or 5th graders that watch younger  siblings. Register online through the ISD 166 website under the community  education link. This is during a non-school day, January 23rd. More Info HERE

Volunteer Opportunities 

No time to volunteer? You can still help GES raise funds by saving your aluminum cans  and dropping them in the trailer in the side parking lot. We have filled and recycled two  of these trailers full already! Your help is appreciated! 

In the Classrooms 

Angel Kelly has been offering alternative activities for the Lynx and Otters during recess. As  seen below, games were very popular!


Great Lunch 

January menu 

As always, please call the office if you have any questions on school-related items. We  are happy to assist! 


Lesa Hofer 

Office Administrator 

Great Expectations School 

550 E 5th Street 

Grand Marais, MN 55604 

[email protected]