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Bentleyville and Downtown Computer announce additional security

Nov 18, 2022 10:16AM ● By Content Editor
Photo: WDIO-TV/File

By WDIO News Staff - WDIO News - November 17, 2022

Ahead of the opening of Bentleyville, The light display and Downtown Computer are working together to improve security ahead of the launch. Last year the computer sales and service center helped install a campus-wide CC-TV that can be access remotely. And this year they’re doing a lot of the same thing but a lot more of it.

Nick Mancini, owner of Downtown Computer, “They got this beautiful retail space that we’re excited to help protect that as well. They’re having us give them a hand and their point of sale system up and running. We’re excited to showcase our skills in both surveillance and IT background. “

And Nathan Bentley says the work that Downtown Computer has done has been successful, “Nick has been able to out surveillance in 90% throughout the whole park, but we’re very confident to be able to keep every body and keep our vandalism and mischief to a minimum.”

The light display opens Saturday, November 19th and runs through December 26th.

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