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Cook County Schools ISD 166 to spread awareness of a special election for operating levy

Nov 07, 2022 08:15AM ● By Content Editor
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By Laura Durenberger-Grunow - Boreal Community Media - October 4, 2022

Cook County Schools ISD 166 recently reached out to Cook County residents to spread awareness of a special election question, which asks voters to renew the operating levy that passed in 2016. 

The operating levy that Cook County Residents passed in 2016 provided $800 per student to help continue to support their educational experience and excellence. The proposed operational levy amount for the 2022 vote would stay at $800 per student. 

According to a letter sent out to Cook County residents, the levy supported the following for the past six years: 
  • smaller class sizes (mostly in K-5, and some secondary classrooms)
  • elective class opportunities such as industrial arts, culinary arts, performing and visual arts, gym/PE, outdoor environmental education, and more
  • extracurricular activities 

The letter went on to explain that failure in renewing the operating levy would result in the following:
  • reduction in annual revenue of approximately $350,000 - $400,000 per year
  • the need to reduce expenditures including some teaching positions and program offerings

The current operational levy is set to expire at the end of this year.

On the ballot in November, voters will see a question asking for a 10-year renewal, which would extend the current operating level, which means no change to the tax impact on local property owners. 

The question will read: "Shall the renewal of the expiring property tax referendum proposed by the board of Independent School District No. 166 (Cook County Schools) be approved?"

Below is a copy of the official notice of the special election, as well as specific information about the taxes to be paid if the operating levy is renewed. 


 For more information on the proposed operating levy renewal, you can visit the Cook County Schools ISD 166 website here, or attend one of the informational sessions listed below. 


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