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Cook County Co-Op Board Election and Annual Meeting

Oct 22, 2022 11:56AM ● By Editor
From The Cook County Co-Op • October 22, 2022


Thank you for your ownership in the Cook County Co-op!  We'd love you to:
 - Vote in the 2022 Board Election (your ballot is in the mail)
 - Join us at the Annual Meeting (kid-friendly, and we’ll feed you).
Read more about the election
YES, we really need your vote!

 Though it is an uncontested election (3 open spots, 3 candidates), we still need a quorum of member-owner votes for the election to be valid, according to the 'Cooperative’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.'
Annual Meeting  • Wednesday, November 9
Owners - Please join us at Voyageur Brewing  for a kid-friendly and grown-up approved event. Come and go as you need to; stay for the whole event or drop in for a bit. 

5pm - 6:00pm | Food, Demos & Social Festivities
 - Music by Erik Hahn & Friends
 - Free food made fresh by the Co-op Deli 
 - 1 free beer from Voyageur's menu
 - Botanical Lucidity Elixir Tastings with Founder Kayla Emmons
 - Fur Lab Craft Station for kids (and adults) with Anne Brataas and Abby Zak
 - Creaking Tree Farm Fun with Rachel & Ian Andrus 

6pm - 6:30pm | Business meeting
 - Board election results
 - Presentations 
 - Drawings
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