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Hermantown Homeowner Speaks Out After Plane Crashes Into House

Oct 03, 2022 09:26AM ● By Laura Durenberger
Photo: Northern News Now

By Fox 9 News Staff via Fox 21 News - October 3, 2022

The man who owns the home that a plane crashed into late Saturday night is talking about the jarring tragedy after he woke up immediately to the aircraft tearing through his property.

Hermantown resident Jason Hoffman said he and his wife were both sleeping when the plane hit their home, ripping off the roof.

“I found a flashlight, and as soon as I turned the flashlight on, I realized there was no roof left on the house,” Hoffman recounted. “So that’s when we started seeing some airplane parts that were in our bedroom.”

It landed just inches away from them, and miraculously neither of them were injured.

“Thinking about all the ‘what-ifs’ can drive you mad, so my wife and I, we just have to accept what happened and we’re fortunate,” he said.

Hoffman said his heart is heavy thinking about those who were killed.

“I don’t think we’ve come to grips with it just yet, it kind of comes and goes a little bit of shock,” Hoffman said. “Every time I think about the folks that passed away it’s gut wrenching.”

The home is expected to be a total loss, but those who know the couple have offered them places to stay in the meantime.

To read this original story and more news, follow this link to the Fox 21 News website.

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